Firm A Body Challenge Winner - Natasha


Natasha had struggled with her weight and poor self-esteem, starting with the death of her son’s father, and the loss of a job. She said that she had not heard about The Firm before, but she was given a 6 month Firm Gift Voucher as a birthday gift.

At that point in time, Natasha said that reaching her goal weight seemed very unrealistic, but it was her big dream.

“My weight at that time was 94.6kg and I wanted to weigh 70kg. I was negative, and it seemed an impossible challenge for me to lose weight. It was really hard for me to stick to the diet plan because I have never been on a diet before. To drink two litres of water a day was tough, and some days I felt like giving up. In my first week I lost one kilo and in the second week I lost two, and that inspired me. I started to feel more energetic, more confident, and more positive towards life.”...

Before and After

Reshape your body and Reshape your life with The Firm Slimming & Health Clinic. We specialise in Slimming and Weight loss, Thermal Anti-Cellulite treatments, Inch Loss and Muscle toning. Our targeted program will make those embarrassing lumps and bulges disappear from your thighs, hips and buttocks. Our friendly and experienced team will customise your weight loss treatment and help you achieve your own personal goals.

Lose Weight and Inches with The Firm

Loose Weight with Electrotherapy

Lose Weight with Electrotherapy

The Firm’s Electrotherapy programme uses non-invasive treatment in the form of passive exercise sessions to get effective body shaping results. During 30 or 45 minute sessions precise, computer-controlled, muscle stimulation targets the muscles in the areas you would like to see results.

How to get Rid of Cellulite with The FirmHow to get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is usually recognised as a collection of waste materials and excess fluids, which are imprisoned as fat in the fibrous tissue of certain parts of the body.

Diet Plan to Lose WeightDiet Plan to Lose Weight

At The Firm we offer a variety of different eating plans that have been designed to suit the different needs of our clients. Our diets are drawn up by a registered nutritionist and are one of the most balanced programmes on the market.”